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In today’s market, customers expect even small businesses to have a basic presence on social media. This is why we provide social media management services for businesses like yours. Strengthen your company’s online marketing presence by professionally managing your social media accounts.
Establishing a strong social media presence can help:

  • Maintaining top-of-mind awareness for your business
  • Humanizing and personalizing your company’s image
  • Cultivating relationships with past and potential customers
  • Exhibiting the high-quality work that you deliver and your satisfied clients

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How You Can Take Advantage of Social Media

The realm of social media has undergone significant changes in the past few years. To establish a strong social media presence and online marketing footprint, it is crucial to invest in both organic reach and paid advertising.

While social media marketing still emphasizes the creation of accounts on the primary social media networks, our ongoing marketing efforts concentrate on the networks that align best with your business and industry.

Is Social Media Marketing
What You Need?

If you lack the time or desire to manage your social media presence but still think it would be beneficial for your business, then Granular Concept’s social media marketing service might be a good option for you. You can benefit from our expertise on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. But we recommend using Facebook for social media marketing as it is where most potential clients are found.

It is worth considering that social media marketing is oriented towards promoting brand awareness rather than generating leads. For businesses looking to generate online leads, we would suggest considering our Facebook Ads Management or Google Ads Management services.

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Are You Also Interested in Facebook Ads Management?

If so, you will be pleased to know that Social Media Marketing and Facebook Ads Management work hand-in-hand, making them the perfect combination for boosting your business. We are now offering a bundle that includes both services at a discounted rate! Starting at just $399 per month, this bundle will save you $49 every month compared to signing up for the services separately.

What You Obtain from Social Media Marketing

With Granular Concept’s social media marketing service, you will benefit from:
  1. Regular high-quality and engaging content shared with your audience base several times a week. This includes a mix of entertaining, informative, and company-related posts.
  2. Targeted advertising campaigns designed to increase your social media reach and connect you with potential clients who may not have used your services before.
  3. Three Facebook posts each week, tailored to your industry and specific promotional needs.
Our goal is to build a strong community around your brand, increase website traffic, and improve customer engagement through social media.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly! Social Media Marketing is an excellent tool for establishing your brand. It allows you to humanize and personalize your company image, build relationships with current and potential customers, and showcase the quality of work you provide.

This service is dedicated mostly to Facebook. Although there are several other social media platforms available, like Twitter, Instagram, and others, focusing on Facebook alone yields the best engagement and results. But if you need to establish your business on other social media platforms, we can do this too. 

Your level of involvement is entirely up to you. We highly recommend sending original content, such as photos, to your marketing consultant for use in their posts.

We will curate a mix of content for your Facebook posts, including materials from your website, stock photos, blogs, and articles. We will also utilize original content that you provide us with. To maintain an authentic social media presence, we highly encourage you to send us as much original content as possible.

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