Granular Concept is your go-to agency for full-service digital marketing and website solutions

We will help you reach your audience and deliver your message

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Your project is unique, and we are the ones who can make everyone notice and understand that. Our professional team will shape your brand identity and attract audiences that relate promptly

Market research

To help you achieve your goals. we study all opportunities, search for clear and hidden audiences, and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors - all to get the best understanding of the market

UI/UX design

Beautiful is not enough. The solutions we deliver are more than mesmerizing visuals, these are tailored interactive sequences that create a user experience strategically resulting in conversions

Website solutions development

Regardless of your project’s scale, with Granular Concept you can stay assured that each line of the website solution we deliver is based on responsive, compliant, and secure code

Search engine marketing (PPC)

We don’t just display relevant ads to your target groups. We make sure your message is heard by all, even the audiences you might have never thought would listen

Film & Photography

We, the people, do love a good story. Regardless of the channel you choose, high-quality visuals will grab your audiences’ attention first, and well-thought videos would be the best way to communicate your message and tell your story

SEO and Content marketing

Smart SEO can drive traffic. Great content can enchant. When we create them in synergy, the two can become your most powerful tool for attracting audiences and keeping them engaged in the long run

Hosting and Security

Your ideas and project may be truly solid. However, this is irrelevant if your servers are unreliable and your web solution is not protected from various attacks. We can keep your website live, running, and secure 24/7

Social Media Advertising

With either or both organic and paid social media tools, we can help you find and reach not only existing relevant groups but also create your own followership that in time will start evolving independently

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What people say about us

Jack Divine

Their passion spills over the phone and in their work that drives results. With so many companies out there, it is hard to choose. However, I would highly recommend them for results-focused advertising! 

Stacie Spears

The customer service you get here is one of a kind and almost impossible to find anymore. If you’re looking for someone to take help with your site, this is the company you are looking for.

Scott Bruni

Their support was so helpful! They answered calmly every question we encountered! I recommend BranularConcept to anyone who needs any service!

Carolyn Flick

I used to struggle every time I encountered problems with my website. Now with Granular Concept, I achieved new levels of performance! It's the perfect company if you're looking for professional staff and the best results!

    Why would you choose our company?

    The answer is simple. We do not stop at achieving the results you’d expect. Neither do we stop at targeting audiences everyone know about. Our dedication is what helps us find more groups of people to follow you. Our expertise is what makes us read beyond analytics and graphs. Our flexibility allows us to be agile in every project we take on. And on top of it all, we offer around-the-clock support.