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Deeper insights into rank-boosting SEO techniques so needed to help qualified leads quickly and easily find your company at the right moment when they need you

Technical SEO audit for a successfully applied intelligence

Among the main goals of contemporary search engines is not just delivering the most relevant results, but also ones that would be safe, trustworthy, engaging, and agile. As simple as it sounds, your website may seem to meet these requirements, yet not show in search results, and you don’t know why. To find out what you need to improve, Granular Concept search engine services company will perform a thorough SEO audit to find out what tech SEO issues need to be fixed. It may be that you need to use markups to ease the work of search engine crawlers. You may need to build a network of backlinks that would only benefit your ranking and analyze and keep an eye on competitors that want to harm you with black hat SEO practices. You may need to better structure your metadata to show in search results that truly answer the users' needs, hence minimizing your bounce rate. An eCommerce SEO audit may reveal that your product images are slowing down the website’s performance and in such a way negatively influence search engine ranking. There are over a hundred points that a quality technical SEO audit should look into to find your website’s weaknesses, and our team is the one that will identify them and turn them into opportunities. Reach out and let’s find what’s slowing you down on your way to success!

Seamless UX and high relevancy for ever higher rankings

Have you ever searched for something and stumbled on a post that was obviously a bunch of keywords without actually answering your question? Or maybe trying to follow a link, you got the infamous 404 or 503 responses? We’ve all been there. As algorithms are getting smarter, websites that do not offer a seamless user experience or deliver empty content that only increases their bounce rate see their search engine ranking collapse or sometimes even get penalized. The way back up is extremely difficult, and may take years, for which reason investing in high-quality SEO services now saves lots of time and money in the future. Your prospects might not know what is SEO, nor what is technical search engine optimization. And they don’t need to, as with an experienced SEO services provider such as Granular Concept what you will get is a website optimized for search engines and their latest updates on both back-end and front-end, while keeping the content and experience human and the links relevant.

Local traffic ramp up by showing how close you really are

Let’s face it: we’d all rather trust a local company, one that is nearby, than one that is one the other coast, or even on a different continent. When you have to choose between a few companies, offering the same quality service or product, chances are high that you will choose the one that is in your area. It is absolutely the same when others are looking for a company or an organization providing what you have to offer, and showing them how close you really are may have a significant positive effect on both your website traffic and bottom line. On top of it all, searches including the words ‘near me’ have skyrocketed lately, and you should not miss out on that opportunity. Regardless of what you are looking for - local volunteers or to capitalize on the best local business SEO, Granular Concept SEO company will identify and implement all the tools and techniques your website needs to rank highest in the search engine results. Give us a call to find out more technical details about how we will help you achieve real SEO results.

Full-service SEO solutions to stay on top of the dynamic online realm

As it is already clear, search engine optimization and, moreover, SEO success, is far more than a few keywords and a couple of backlinks. In addition, it is not even about your website only. Third-party websites that backlink to your web pages, company social media profiles and engagement on various platforms, your activity on various niche-related online forums, your search engine marketing strategy, and more - should all be consistent and provide users with a unique and unified experience across all interactions with your company, regardless of the channel. Be it you need local SEO, B2C or B2B eCommerce SEO, or WordPress and other content management systems (CMS), Granular Concept search engine optimization services agency will build and structure each page of your website for both online users and search engine spiders, will create a strategy that will align 100% of your online presence, while our digital producers team will bring your media to perfection.

Why would you choose our company?

The answer is simple. We do not stop at achieving the results you’d expect. Neither do we stop at targeting audiences everyone know about. Our dedication is what helps us find more groups of people to follow you. Our expertise is what makes us read beyond analytics and graphs. Our flexibility allows us to be agile in every project we take on. And on top of it all, we offer around-the-clock support.